My hospital bag for baby delivery

As I had no idea what a hospital bag should include, I searched online and found a lot of ideas of things that might be useful, but the truth is that I only needed very few things.

It is your personal choice: you could bring a lot of stuff, or you may only bring essentials, as the father could go back home and bring other things at any time after the delivery.

  • Regarding your own clothes, you usually don’t need to bring any sleeping gown or slippers, but I, for one, preferred to use my own slippers (it is a good idea to have plastic ones and not your favorite fluffy slippers as you might stain them). The same goes for clothing – hospitals will provide you with hospital gowns, but you can bring something else if you are more comfortable.
  • Very important is to take in the hospital bag going home clothes for you and the baby. It might be quite a challenge to describe to the father via phone that polka dot blouse and those navy blue maternity pants…
  • any personal care items you feel comfortable using (body moisturizer is a must for a shrinking tummy! and don’t forget about deodorant), but you might want to skip that eye serum you apply before your eye cream: the first days are really hectic and I was grateful if I had time to apply my standard moisturizer each day.
  • any electronics& chargers you need (phone, tablet, camera, etc)
  • If you want to take some nice family photos, it would be a good idea to bring some make-up (mascara, concealer and a lipstick that you could also use as a blush, would be enough). I confess that I went a little overboard on this chapter, including 5 makeup brushes, but this is just me 😉

Other than that, I did not use anything, as our baby needed our full attention.

If the father is planning to stay overnight, he needs personal care items and clothes for each day of stay, as he cannot walk around in a hospital gown 🙂 In any case, after several hours in the delivery room, a fresh T-shirt will be very much appreciated.

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