Thoughts while waiting for my second baby

Hello again! It’s been 2 years since my last post. Although I have enjoyed writing and interacting with you, I reached a point when I got really busy with my daughter and I decided to use the little spare time I had to get back in shape by exercising and eating clean. When my daughter turned 1, I went back to work full-time and it was already very challenging trying to juggle work and family, while also moving to a new apartment, changing jobs or going through the difficult transition period when my daughter started going to kindergarten. Busy 2 years and it is about to get even crazier when our second baby comes.

Back to the topic of this post, I decided to list a few things that were going through my very pregnant mind one week before my due date:

  • The waiting process is even more difficult: on one side I know what to expect and that I need to take advantage of each day to relax and rest as I found the first 3 months really difficult, but I am more anxious than last time to meet and hold my baby
  • There is no better workout than taking care of a 2-year old: with my first pregnancy I gained 23 kg and now only 16 kg while having a huge appetite and eating much more than I should. Sitting on the floor and then getting up was basically impossible the first time and now I do this all the time – with a bit of effort I can still do my pedicure, an activity that was impossible in the 9th month of my first pregnancy
  • Not enough time to take into account all of the things I religiously paid attention to with my first pregnancy – I am definitely much more relaxed when it comes to skincare and beauty items or the things I eat, but still paying attention to the essential things (such as avoid raw meat or unpasteurized dairy products, stay away from harsh chemicals), but I am no longer reading the label for each eyeshadow I use
  • Preparing the hospital bag and the things I need at home for the first months was done with no extra research – I basically know what I need and skip all the other useless stuff I wasted my money on the first time (e.g. Size 50 clothes that are soo cute but that were already too small when my daughter was 2 weeks old)
  • Sibling rivalry – the first time I read parenting books I was skipping the chapters about preparing the older child for the coming of the baby, but this time those chapters were the only thing I had time to read and a big stress topic for me, since our daughter loves being the centre of attention for both of us all the time. Jealousy is bound to happen, we just need to see how it is going to manifest and then react the proper way
  • How can we manage it all? When I look at parents with 2 children I honestly don’t know how they managed to go though the first year. To me age 2 seems super easy as most of the time the child has more patience and understands what you explain. So quite a long time, since we start all over again.

I am planning to share my experience with you, so if you would like to get updates, make sure to follow me to get a notification when I post something new.

6 thoughts on “Thoughts while waiting for my second baby

  1. Yes! I’m now pregnant with baby number two and also have a two year old. There’s definitely no down time, and you’re right: a two year old IS a workout routine!!

    I just also wrote a post about thoughts on having my second baby. One thing I think about often is giving up my undivided attention from my daughter and splitting it between two. Sometimes I get teary eyed thinking that these are the last few months it will be just us… while also being excited for the new arrival.

    Pregnancy is also different: it’s still exciting but in a different way! You just know what to expect… and you don’t have as much time to think about “being pregnant” while caring for a two year old!

    Thanks for your post! Congrats!


    1. Hi Kaley! Thank you so much for your kind words. I will definitely look for your post! It is true that at the beginning you feel really bad that you always have to care for the baby and neglect your daughter. But after some time, something amazing happens: the new member of the family is not only accepted, but caressed and loved. I cannot describe the feeling I had when I came one morning in her room with my son and my daughter was a bit upset and how her face lit up and she smiled when she saw that I came with the baby and wanted to give him a kiss. Now whenever he has problems with his tummy she goes to him, puts her hand on his tummy and whispers comforting words to him. So don’t worry, the difficult accommodation part will go away and new amazing experiences will come. I am so excited to see their relationship develop through time!

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  2. Hello!! I really really enjoyed all of your posts 🙂 Congragulations on the second baby too When are you due?? 🙂

    I have been living in Vienna since September and me & my husband have been talking about having a baby. I know it’s premature to start searching for hospitals if you are not even pregnant yet but I am an anxious person!! So from what I have understood from your posts, if you choose a public doctor you have to go at his or her hospital but when you have a private one, he or she will come to basically any hospital you choose? I am researching for a OB/GYN doctor but I do not know how to narrow down the list and I am feeling overwhelmed!

    Any insight will be greatly appreciated!!



    1. Hi Doksa!
      Thank you so much! I am very happy that my posts are helpful. My son was born just before Christmas, I drafted this post mid-December, but afterwards it became crazy busy so I only published it last week 😀
      I understand your need to be prepared and it is much better to find a good doctor before actually being pregnant. With my first child I had to change doctors when I was 20 weeks pregnant and it is not pleasant to have a time when you don’t know who will support you during delivery.
      If you want to use the public insurance and deliver in a public hospital, you get the public doctor that is on call at that time (you don’t get to choose your doctor). In general, private doctors can come to any private hospital, but they do have a preferred hospital with which they work regularly, so it is better to discuss this aspect with your doctor in advance.
      All the best wishes!
      PS: I just posted my updated delivery experience if you want to check it out 😉


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