My delivery experience – Second time giving birth in Döbling Privatklinik Vienna

My son was recently born in the Döbling Private Hospital Vienna, so it is a good opportunity to make an update on my experience there and tell you if things changed compared to more than 2 years ago when my daughter was born.

If you haven’t read my initial post, I would suggest you read it now (you can find it here) and then come back to this post.

The rooms – Basically the rooms remained the same, but compared to two years ago the Maternity Ward was a lot more crowded, so there is a chance that you could go to the hospital to give birth and realize that your preferred room type (in our case a Family Room) is not available. Basically all rooms on the floor were occupied, and after giving birth we were accommodated one floor below, in a single room where they added an extra bed for my husband. It might be just because it was around Christmas and maybe some scheduled C-Sections are “rushed” so that the family is reunited back home at Christmas time, but I thought it was important to mention this aspect. We only had to stay in that room for half a day, and then I was happy that a family room became available and we were helped to move there.

Food & Drinks – the food was as I remembered it, delicious and dangerous for the silhouette. The only change was that the afternoon snack (Jause) that was served at 14:30 was no longer delivered in the rooms, but in the big hallway reception room, so you can avoid the extra sweet temptations if you want to.

The patient care before and after birth (described in detail in the previous post here) was pretty much the same.

I was lucky to have a great midwife on call that night, with whom I communicated so easily from the very first moment. I am so happy to say she helped me go through the whole delivery process without any type of anaesthesia.

My learning from this experience is that if you want to give birth without an anaesthesia, it is incredibly helpful to find a midwife with whom you are fully comfortable and that can help you during the whole process, since a private hospital allows you to bring not only your own doctor, but also your own midwife. From what I have heard the fees for a private midwife are around EUR 1,200, that covers pre- and post-delivery support, including help with breastfeeding. However, the private medical insurance usually pays the fee for your doctor of choice but not for the midwife for the actual delivery, so I would advise you to check which costs are covered and which not, so that you know what to expect.

Lastly, an aspect I did not mention in my previous post, there is a company that works with the hospital and approaches the parents with a special offer for newborn photography made in the room you are staying. I am in no way sponsored to say this, but for us it was very convenient (no need to travel to another place with a newborn child) and also cost effective (as you may know, the prices for services in Austria are quite high, so a professional photo session can cost a lot more money). We did it with our daughter and repeated it with our son. If you want, you can also publish a photo of your baby on the Döbling website in the Baby Gallery, where you can see other babies that were born in the Hospital.

As always, if you have any questions, please post them below.

8 thoughts on “My delivery experience – Second time giving birth in Döbling Privatklinik Vienna

  1. Hello again,
    You mentioned that you were lucky to have a great midwife on call when your son was born, can you tell me her name? I am hoping to find a private midwife this time who is very experienced and competent, but also gentle and soothing and listens well to the patient… the last midwife I had was very competent but a bit too forceful in her behavior towards me, which was stressful. I look forward to hearing from you!


  2. Hi! Congratulations & thanks for sharing your experience. Could you please tell how much you paid for your second delivery with Mr. Kainz? Thanks.


    1. Hi Gabi! There was a direct payment between my insurance and the hospital, so I did not have to pay anything, but I got a notification that my insurance paid about 5,000 EUR for natural delivery and 5 nights of hospitalization! Cheers!


  3. Hi, your blog posts were really helpful for me in choosing a birth clinic in Vienna. Thanks! I wonder how much would an additional private insurance cost per month. I am already insured with SVA. Did you also choose your gynecologist from this clinic?


    1. Hi Diana! It is difficult to give you an amount since it depends on the type of insurance you want to have. Also we have a private insurance for all members of the family and I do not how exactly how much my own insurance costs. Basically there are two types of insurances, the “Sonderklasse”, which is the one that will support the delivery in the hospital of choice with the doctor of choice and then there is the “Privatarzt” which covers the private doctor checkups and other things like medicine, special ultrasounds, etc. which are recommended by a doctor. I would advise you to ask for an insurance advisor to come to a location of your choice and give you more details and tell you all the prices for all the options. I personally chose a doctor from Döbling, but you can choose any private doctor for the delivery in this hospital. Cheers!


  4. Hi, thank you so much for writing this update, it is really helpful to know what remained consistent and what has changed since two years ago.

    I am interested in what you mentioned about the photography, do you mind sharing how much they charged for this service, and how you liked the pictures? 🙂



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