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Zoeva Eye Brushes Review

I confess that I found out about Zoeva brushes at a time when their Youtube rave-wave was starting to fade.

I was shopping online for beauty products (currently the easiest way for me, as carrying a baby stroller through Douglas – a chain similar to Sephora – can be quite stressful), when I also looked at the brushes section and noticed one brand I never heard about: Zoeva. I was curious, they looked really nice and had good reviews on the site, but of course I wanted to do my own research and was surprised to see a lot of very good reviews, comparisons to MAC or Sigma, but at a much lower cost. I wanted to try all the brushes that appealed to me, and not limit myself to the pre-selected brushes in an eye brush set. My problem was that I could not find reviews for all specific brushes I wanted, so I am writing this post for all those that want to buy “single” eye brushes from Zoeva 🙂 Continue reading Zoeva Eye Brushes Review


Essence – Come to Town Collection Haul & Review

What I first noticed about the Essence brand was the very affordable prices and I confess that I was a bit skeptic about the quality. It took me quite some time before trying one of their products, especially when the Essence stand is right next to the Catrice one, and every time I wanted to pick something from Essence, I end up putting it back and purchasing something from Catrice instead. Continue reading Essence – Come to Town Collection Haul & Review

Skincare during pregnancy

I would like to share with you my skincare routine during pregnancy, which did not radically change after delivery, so if you are expecting or even just want to have a more natural approach to your skin care, I hope you will find some interesting points below. Continue reading Skincare during pregnancy

Estee Lauder Blockbuster Set 2014 – Swatches & First impressions

I recently bought the new Estee Lauder Blockbuster set from Douglas at a very good price (with the 20% off on Douglas Day, I only paid about EUR 70). I had been eyeing the set since last year’s edition, but I could not find any swatches online, so I was not sure if it was worth it. This year, I decided to take the risk and also do a first impressions review with swatches – I hope it helps! Continue reading Estee Lauder Blockbuster Set 2014 – Swatches & First impressions