What goes through a woman’s mind when she is about to turn 30?

A few years ago, I would have said that I would be depressed, that I will need extra encouragement to “survive”.

The fact is that turning 30 is actually a process that happens in steps:

…you start to notice physical changes: losing one night of sleep makes you look and feel like a zombie, some fine lines appear on your face even though you used an anti-aging moisturizer, and what you eat is 100 times more likely to position itself on certain body parts.

…you look back and realize how different you are: you are not so easily impressed or intimidated, you live on your own two feet and you visited places you only dreamt about.

…you actually worked for a long time and really don’t have to be creative in your CV when applying for a new job.

…and most importantly you become aware how immature you were just a few years ago.

At the same time, you start looking for new challenges that can help you grow and have a better and fuller life. In my case, the biggest challenges were moving to another country and having a baby.
Basically this blog is about my life starting with the age of 30, trying to find a balance between motherhood and beauty products, fashion, health&fitness.

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