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Zoeva Eye Brushes Review

I confess that I found out about Zoeva brushes at a time when their Youtube rave-wave was starting to fade.

I was shopping online for beauty products (currently the easiest way for me, as carrying a baby stroller through Douglas – a chain similar to Sephora – can be quite stressful), when I also looked at the brushes section and noticed one brand I never heard about: Zoeva. I was curious, they looked really nice and had good reviews on the site, but of course I wanted to do my own research and was surprised to see a lot of very good reviews, comparisons to MAC or Sigma, but at a much lower cost. I wanted to try all the brushes that appealed to me, and not limit myself to the pre-selected brushes in an eye brush set. My problem was that I could not find reviews for all specific brushes I wanted, so I am writing this post for all those that want to buy “single” eye brushes from Zoeva 🙂 Continue reading Zoeva Eye Brushes Review